Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Okay, maybe not Willy Wonka, but surely close enough.  Pannys Chocolate Factory is located in Phillip Island, just over 2 hours drive from Melbourne.  And today, I got to go!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I kind of thought that I would come away disappointed, but I was wrong, so very wrong.  The first thing I noticed when we walked in the door was there was chocolate – everywhere!  Yum!  A good start.  We were given our first free sample when we  went up to pay our admission fee ($12).  It was that chocolate that truly won my heart.

Time to enter, through the tunnel of chocolate.

I must admit, I had a bit of a giggle at their request “Please do not lick”  written all over the pretend chocolate walls… I wonder how many people they had to tell off before putting up those signs.

The first part of the tour teaches you about how chocolate is made… to be honest, I only paid a little attention to this – mainly the parts where you could press buttons or move stuff.  My inner child is easily amused, but I was there for the chocolate, not to learn how it is made.    The rest of the attraction was fully interactive, with loads of chocolate to eat along the way.  I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t yet been themselves, so I’ll post a few photos of my favourite parts.

A game involving balls of chocolate… it was harder than you might think.  Well, the first few times we won easily, but it got harder after that.  Perhaps it was our greed that stopped us from winning.

A miniature world made out of chocolate!  Complete with a little train set running through it.

A machine that lets you make your own chocolate – kind of.  You pick your chocolate (White, Milk or Dark), and then one of the four flavours (Strawberry, Cola, Vegemite or Wasabi), and it pretends to make it for you, and spits it out at the end in a neat little package.  If I was a little kid it might have been cooler because I would have thought that it really was real, and not just a show.  All the combinations of chocolate you could have are already pre-packaged, waiting for you to pretend make it.  Still, the machine looks cool, and I walked away from it with a big grin on my face.  So, mission accomplished.  For anyone wondering, I did Dark Choc with Strawberry, and Milk Choc with Cola.  I was definitely not game enough to do Vegemite or Wasabi.

My favourite part of the machine though, was this bit right at the end.

After we finished the tour we ate at the cafe.  It was decent, but nothing fantastic.  The chocolate on chocolate cake (chocolate mud cake with melted chocolate drizzled over the top) would have been better if it weren’t a couple of days old.  Still, I wouldn’t mind going back to try some more of their chocolate desserts.

Another thing I liked was the fact that we practically had the whole place to ourselves, aside from a few other people here and there.  It made the experience more enjoyable, as we could take our time and play with stuff more than once if we wanted.  Had we of gone during a weekend or school holidays… well, lets just say I would have been fighting the little kids to get at the chocolate, and it wouldn’t have been pretty.

There was a quick stop at the gift shop on the way out, and that was our chocolate tour over.

It was a good day all in all, and I will definitely be going back again to visit.. though after all that chocolate I may have to wait a few months so I can work it all off before starting all over again 😉



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