Vegan Brownie **Not Gluten Free**

I’m making a vegan brownie.  No, I’m not vegan, but I have a friend who is.  But, I forgot to take pictures.  So you might just have to make do with a shot of the finished product.  Or, I might just have to make it again.  The brownie batter was pretty darn good.  I expect the finished product will be too.  It felt so wrong not putting half a dozen eggs in…. But I must have faith.

Oh gosh, only 5 minutes left in the oven.  I’d better go find my camera.

Hm, when a recipe stipulates for a particular sized pan, you should probably go with that sized pan.  I just like being difficult, but it means waiting longer.

In other news, while we are waiting on the brownie… I (along with the rest of Australia) voted today.  Woo!  This is only the second Federal Election I have voted in.  It is also the second one I will be working for tonight, so I will be having to check online all night to see who wins.

But onto more exciting news, the brownie is now out of the oven and ready to be photographed, and eaten!  Hooray!

Vegan Brownies

Verdict?  Very yummy, if a little undercooked (my bad).  What can I say?  I’m impatient.  But that’s okay, because I looooove gooey brownies.

Recipe?  Yep, here.


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