Chocolate Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Mousse, topped with a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry. **Not Gluten Free**

Wow, that was a mouth full.  And so were these!  In a good way…

I should warn you now.  Don’t try these if you’re not wanting to induce a chocolate coma.  Did I mention they have chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and a chocolate dipped strawberry?  Coz they do.  Yum.

Mmmmmm love those strawberries!

I must apologise at this point, because I kind of kept forgetting to take photos.  And these two were probably the best out of the lot that I did take.  Sad.  Not to worry, there will be better photos coming soon for my next baking projects.

Chocolate Cupcakes:
Okay, I’m going to be honest with you.  I didn’t have a lot of time, so I made my cupcakes with a cake mix from the supermarket.  But if you really want to make cupcakes from scratch, then this is the recipe I would use.

Chocolate Mousse:
I didn’t want to post this,  I wanted to keep it a secret, but mousse this amazing needs to be shared.  It would be selfish and unfair not to.  So you better appreciate this, because I’m letting you in on a HUUUUGE secret.  Just sayin’.
So here goes.

375g Dark Cooking Chocolate, just the normal stuff, not the 70+ percentage of cocoa stuff.  I’ll tell ya why soon.
4 eggs, seperated.
600ml Cream.
1tbsp Icing Sugar.

Making the Mousse:
1.  Melt chocolate in a heat proof bowl over hot water, and let cool while you prepare the other ingredients.
2.  Beat 500ml of cream to soft peaks.
3.  Mix remaining cream with egg yolks and stir into cooled chocolate mixture.
4.  Fold whipped cream into chocolate mixture.
5.  Whip egg whites with icing sugar until soft peaks form, then gently fold into chocolate mixture.
6.  Refrigerate till set, then serve.

P.S. It tastes even better the next day!

So, for those who are wondering why you shouldn’t use super dark chocolate to make this mousse…?  Well, for this one I did, and it pretty much kept setting the mousse before it was done, making it very difficult to fold the cream and the egg whites into!  Gosh!  It’s not meant to set until you put it in the fridge.  So that meant that the mousse ended up being quite lumpy, when it should of been smooth.  But if you don’t mind your mousse lumpy, and a bit of an extra effort to get it combined, then go for your life!  I would however recommend adding some (or lots) of sugar during the chocolate melting stage.  Just keep adding sugar until it tastes sweet enough for you. hehehe

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:
Okay now, these are super easy.  All you have to do is find a nice chocolate, melt it in the microwave for approximately a minute, maybe a bit more if you need it…. And then DIP!
While you’re waiting for them to dry/set, pop them onto a bit of a piece of baking paper, and they’ll be ready to use within minutes.

Now just assemble it all together (I used an icecream scoop for the mousse), and serve.  I made these for Mum’s birthday, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.



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