Flourless Chocolate Cake

Let’s start with something everyone loves,  chocolate cake!

Yes, it’s undeniably ugly.  This one doesn’t come out all “pretty”.  It rises wayyyy up in the oven, and then sinks right down when you pull it out.  Some would look at that as a cake disaster, I look at that as an opportunity to smother the cake with chocolate frosting and strawberries.  All that “ugliness” will disappear, and no one will ever know.  Unless you tell them of course.  But really, why would you?  It can be our little secret.

Or just cut it up and eat it.  Sometimes I just can’t wait that long.

Just look at that gooey chocolatey goodness oozing out.



Party cake, farewell cake, and popcorn three different ways.

This week I have learnt many things.  Firstly, never stick your finger – or any other body part for that matter – into boiling sugar.  And if you do happen to stick your finger into boiling sugar, don’t stick it into your mouth!  Do the smart thing, and stick it under cold running water.  For 20 minutes, coz you know, that’s what they tell you to do in first aid.

Banana Cake Slice with Marshmallow Frosting **Not Gluten Free**


White Cake with Oreo Icing. **Not Gluten Free**

Oreos.  Yum.