That day when you’re supposed to buy someone a gift and/or card and tell them you love them… **Not Gluten Free**

Yep, it’s that time of year again.  Not Christmas, not Easter, not Halloween, not St. Patrick’s Day, and not my birthday either.  Valentines Day.  Yeah.  So here’s some foodie ideas for your lover, loved one, or your “special friend”.

I pixel heart you



Halloween Brownie (Part 2) **Not Gluten Free**

Now for the good part – the decorations!

Cream Cheese Frosting


First Birthday Cupcakes **Not Gluten Free**

No recipes today.  Just pictures.
This is the story of some cupcakes, and how they became Elise’s first birthday cupcakes.


Introducing… the Family Pets (Playing with Mum’s Pentax DSLR)

I asked Mum if I could borrow her camera.  I wanted to  take some photos of my latest food project that I intend to blog about (soon).  Unfortunately she brought it home the day after I had made my latest creation.  So instead, I ran around taking photos of the family pets just to practice.

My baby - Zoey