Starting fresh…. A clean slate.

This blog has started and stalled so many times.  But not any more.  This blog will continue.  I need it to continue.  It’s now my gluten free (and mostly dairy free) survival blog.  So, welcome.  Welcome to the new and improved blog.  We’re about to journey together into the unknown.  Can you handle that?  You might discover things you’ve never heard of or thought of before.  You might even like those things.  Do you think that might be okay?  Shall we get started then?  Good, then I’ll see you back here tomorrow (edit) next week for the first of many posts, about food that I think is fantastically yummy, and hopefully you will too!


Spreading my love of American Candy!

I have spent most of the day being totally and utterly useless.  This past week I have done nothing but sleep, eat, and sleep some more.  It’s surprising how much a brush with death (read: severe cold which induced a horrible asthma attack) can take it out of you.  One thing I did do today though was plan for tomorrow.  Oh yes, I am a procrastinator at heart.  And tomorrow, I am going to bake.  Maybe.  No just kidding, I am.